Antique style photo frames - what should I buy?

Antique style photo frames - what should I buy?

Posted by Sophia Peters On 13th Jan 2020 In Picture Frames, Antiques, Vintage, Interior Design

If you’re a fan of shabby chic or vintage style, then antique-style photo frames will undoubtedly be on your radar. Designed in classic and ornate shapes, these frames are bursting with personality. It makes them an ideal choice for favourite photographs, portraits, and even to hold certificates. Whatever you’d like to use antique frames for, knowing which to buy is the challenge. With so many designs on offer, vintage-inspired and rustic frames are in popular demand.

We take a look at the ways to determine which antique frame is right for you. Whether it’s a distressed design or something a little more simplistic, there’s something out there for everyone. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Choose based on purpose

Frames aren’t just the ideal choice for photographs. They’re also an excellent choice for all manner of keepsakes. Maybe you enjoy painting your own artwork, or your children do. Perhaps you like the look of pressed flowers. There are many things that are great for framing, provided they’re flat enough. Choosing based on purpose is a great way to get a frame that’s both attractive and practical. The Muse Spoon Ornate Antique Silver Photo Frame would be a fantastic choice for a pressed floral arrangement, for example.

If you know what you want to put in your frame, it makes the choice far easier. While a simple rustic frame might be perfect for helping the colours of your artwork pop, it might be too plain for that family photograph. A stylish ornate metallic frame might be on-point for simple sketches, but it would look out of place with a certificate under its glass. Choose based on purpose, and you’re sure to be on to a winner.

Opt for something that matches your home décor

We all love a good antique frame. The benefits of so many variations out there mean that choice is better than ever. There’s not only a single style of frame. As such, antique frames can suit countless homes depending on tiny tweaks like their colour, size or shape. If you’re a fan of pure and simple, the Shabby Chic Rustic Scoop Grey Wood Grain Photo Frame still has that old-world feel without being too over the top. The perfect happy medium. Antique doesn’t have to mean overly ornate – if can simply mean a more rustic or shabby chic feel. If that’s more to your tastes.

If your home is more about neutral or silver tones, then a similarly toned frame might suit you. Likewise, rooms with warmer tones might suit golds and warmer woods better. It’s all about working with what you have. Finding an antique frame that’s perfectly suited is easy if you take the time to really look at what you want. Ornate or otherwise, there’s an option to suit you.

Go dramatic to make a focal point

There’s nothing like a bit of drama to finish off a room. Some have fireplaces or decorative displays as focal points. For others, the walls are the perfect place to make a statement. If you love ornate, stylish antique frames, then going big is the perfect call. A beautiful, detailed frame can pull attention. The Ornate Cushion Gunmetal Retro Photo Frame is an excellent example, grabbing attention without being too much for the average living room or hall.

Whether it’s a particular image, painting or even a certificate you want to make the centre of attention, a dramatic frame can draw the eye. Especially in rooms with minimal décor, they can add interest. If you want to make a focal point of one thing, in particular, a quality frame can add that extra touch. From plain walls to patterned wallpaper, there’s nothing quite like a frame to make a statement. Especially with an ornate pattern and metallic finish.

Pick a frame that stands the test of time

Another vital element of framing that’s often forgotten is the protection it offers. For delicate or valued photographs and artwork, it can provide security against the elements. An excellent quality antique style frame can stand the test of time in more than one way. These frames don’t go out of fashion, and from a quality brand, they can protect your valuable memories for decades. The Ornate Shabby Chic Spoon Walnut Photo Frame is an excellent example of a solid wood antique frame that will still look great ten years from now.

Fashions come and go, but a photo frame that can stand the test of time – and multiple makeovers – is one that’s worth having around. Depending on the contents, there’s just as much emotion attached to the frame itself. So picking an option that looks good and is well-made ticks all the boxes. Wood and metallic finishes rarely go out of fashion, so they’re an excellent place to start.

Antique ornate picture frame in Italy

Create mix-and-match galleries for incredible effect

Can’t pick just one style? You’re not alone. If you’re a fan of the more is more school of home décor, a gallery wall might be right up your alley. Combining similar but different frames in shape and size can look fantastic when done right. The Ornate Cushion Silver Distressed Retro Photo Frame is one example of a frame that goes with many others. Whether it’s painted wood or similar silvers, there’s plenty of choice to mix and match with. To display collections of artwork or photographs stylishly, using multiple frames is a fantastic option. Sticking to antique ensures a cohesive theme, even with a dozen frames.

Beautiful antique photo frames can provide the finishing touch to any home. Whether it’s a single focal point or a gallery on display. With our wide selection of antique frames, there’s a style to suit everyone. From simple and shabby chic to ornate and grand, and everything else in between. View our full range of premade frames online today, or take a look at our frame builder to create something that’s the perfect fit for you.