Orange bedroom accessories – from orange photo frames to vibrant rugs

Orange bedroom accessories – from orange photo frames to vibrant rugs

Bedrooms don’t have to be muted, soothing and a rhapsody of pastels. Select some energising orange bedroom accessories - such as a statement orange photo frame - and you can start your day feeling revitalised and ready for anything!

After all, orange is clearly associated with sunrises and sunsets, making it the ideal choice for bedrooms.

Orange colour science

You could choose to make orange the central colour theme of your interior design simply because it’s your favourite colour. Or, possibly because you associate it with cheery tangerines and dimpled oranges, or the warmth of fire.

Vibrant shades of orange can make your bedroom look fun, funky and upbeat.

However, did you know that orange also has a meaning, in the world of colour therapy? It is associated with energy, optimism, happiness and creativity.

In spiritual terms, it is linked with the sacral chakra and is believed to relieve muscle cramps and spasms as well as stimulating communication and sociability. Incidentally, “fruity” orange is also associated with increased sexual potency, making it doubly relevant for bedrooms!

There is something else that can add to the ap-peel of orange (see what we did there). The smell of this fruit is believed to be a stress reliever. So, adding orange scents into a diffuser in your bedroom can not only add to the room theme but also the relaxation you enjoy there!

orange photo frame with bedroom lampshade

How to avoid a colour clash with orange

Orange is certainly a happy and revitalising choice of interior design colour theme. Many restaurants choose it, as it makes people feel positive and enthusiastic about their dining. Think hot orange, spicy reds and chocolatey browns and you might start to feel hungry!

You need to progress with a little caution though when choosing orange home improvement projects or accessories. If you choose it as the main colour in a bedroom, then stronger and more intense shades can clash outrageously with other options from your paint chart or accessories selection! For example, an orange photo frame next to purple or green could look jarring.

Also, only choose a bright orange interior design and accessories for your bedroom if your aim is to stimulate you into action every morning, rather than soothing you to sleep each night! Fortunately, there are plenty of shades of orange that are more relaxing.

orange furniture

Ways to include orange in bedroom interior designs

Blending orange into your interior design can mean going all out with your choice, or using hints of orange with complementary colours.

If you are going bold, then choosing glowing orange fabrics and accessories with crisp white bedding can look incredibly energising and clean. An orange photo frame on a gloss or matte white wall will look amazing. For example, a Rainbow Wood Orange Photo Frame will look contemporary and make a strong statement.

Interchanging orange and black accessories (including black edged picture frames) in a white bedroom can look smart and super fresh too. Be careful about creating a busy combination of orange, black and brown though, unless you are going for a 1970s theme for your bedroom interior design!

Brighter shades of orange can also look amazing when combined with navy, but that’s perhaps a bold choice that is best reserved for larger bedrooms with plenty of natural light.

Alternatively, you could harmonise your bedroom by selecting a more ambient shade of orange that sits well with complementary colours. Burnt orange with terracotta, browns and creams provides a fabulous “Mediterranean” feel to your bedroom, reminiscent of sun-kissed Greek villas.

Combining paler shades of orange with turquoise creates a wonderful retro feel, that sits well in a shabby chic bedroom for example. In fact, paler orange accessories teamed up with any of the “sherbet” colour shades provides a sweet feel for your place of sleep and relaxation. Frame your soothing prints and photos in an Orange Box Classic Wood Grain Photo Frame, to add to this delicious, calming effect.

You could also blend orange with reds and yellows to give your bedroom an Autumnal feel. This is a particularly symbiotic combination, as orange is a combination of those colours. In fact, Russian artist and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky said: “Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.”

A shade of orange – saffron – is considered sacred and auspicious in Hinduism. Combine it with gold detailing and you can create an exotic, Eastern interior design. Asian inspired bedrooms are a hot trend, and there are some amazing prints and pictures to use in an orange photo frame to build this interior design choice. It brings opulence and a sense of the exotic into your boudoir.

You could also use subtle orange and brown details and accessories in a caramel or beige bedroom, to create the look of a traditional country home. (The Orange Box Classic Flat Walnut Photo Frame is ideal for this.)

One of the classiest ways to use orange accessories – and hints of this colour in fabrics and wallcoverings – is by partnering it with grey. The splash of vibrant colour can create added interest and warmth in a highly contemporary décor using the coolness of all shades of grey.

Paler blue and orange together - in various shades - can look amazing in a bedroom too. An orange photo frame on a duck egg blue wall, for example, can really stand out but in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Ideas for the finishing touches

Such is the universal appeal of this colour choice, orange bedroom accessories are plentiful and come in all shades, from funky bedding and cushions to lovely, deep rugs.

For a more subtle way of integrating this energising colour in your new bedroom, simply select orange photo frames, glassware, candles and a soft bed-throw for example.

Mother Nature has also provided an abundance of orange blooms. So, adding a vase of fresh flowers to your bedroom dressing table or bedside cabinet can provide another great way to add a splash of uplifting and sunny orange.