The fascinating spirituality behind yellow interior design and yellow photo frames

The fascinating spirituality behind yellow interior design and yellow photo frames

Posted by Sophia Peters On 15th Apr 2019 In Picture Frames, Photo Frames, Interior Design, Spirtuality

Everyone loves sunshine, and bringing splashes of it into your home is easy using finishing touches such as cushions, fabrics and yellow photo frames.

What does your mind conjure up, when you think of the colour yellow? In the age of social media, potentially it’s a happy smiley face! Of course, yellow makes us think of the sun, bright summer flowers and possibly stretches of flawless sand too.

It's a highly versatile and creative colour to use in interior design, bringing key mood advantages too. So, anyone hesitant about making such a bold interior design choice should certainly read on.

Let’s start by looking at the therapeutic values of nature’s most dazzling colour.

The many advantages and meanings of yellow

Yellow's association with spring and summer indicate what a playful and joyous colour choice it is. However, there are deeper psychological, spiritual and cultural references associated with yellow too.

In healing energy terms, yellow is the colour connected to our Solar Plexus chakra, which is just below our ribs and governs a lot of internal health issues. In general health and well-being terms, it summons up having the warmth of the sun on our skin, with all the benefits that provides.

Did you know, that yellow is associated with self-worth, positivity and happiness in colour therapy? It is also a colour used to help with stimulating concentration and optimism.

In India, yellow is often chosen to celebrate Spring and good harvests. Something easy to identify with in the UK, as we love splashing it about during Easter. Such as sweet and fluffy yellow chicks!

Yellow is used in Japan to symbolise courage and bravery. Which is ironic, as in some cultures the opposite - cowardly behaviour - is referred to as being “yellow-bellied”!

This is all fascinating as it also adds to yellow’s reputation for being a highly lifting and unmissable colour choice for home interior design.

yellow interior design artwork

Making yellow the main colour in the room

Using yellow as the core colour theme when decorating or doing home renovations is a popular choice. Not least is it doesn't have to involve using lemon yellow everywhere! Vivid varieties could possibly work in a small room benefiting from abundant natural light or to lift dark spaces. However, using a very strident shade of lemon on a large scale can be overpowering and possibly even headache inducing.

So, what shades of yellow are available for home interiors? Thanks to modern paint mixing options, the sky (with its ball of yellow light) is the limit!

You could use a light or pastel variation of lemon for walls and ceilings for example. This is the sort of gentle sunshine shade that looks beautiful as a backdrop for our Buxton Flat Yellow Distressed Rustic Photo Frame. This yellow photo frame adds significantly to a gentle, calming vibe. The overall combination is a great starting point for a warm shabby chic décor in living rooms and bedrooms.

Another option to consider in formal rooms is a citrine yellow or a golden shade. This can look very classy and traditional, particularly when accompanied by tactile fabrics such as crushed velvets. Decorating your walls with traditional landscapes or still life prints adds to the décor, especially if you use our yellow photo frame entitled American Dinner Cushion Yellow Gloss. These frames have an almost pearlised finish and blend effortlessly without clashing.

One of the ways to play it safe when using yellow as a central interior design colour is to opt for subtle shades veering towards cream.

Incidentally, when getting nurseries ready for new arrivals, paler shades of yellow are a great choice. They are a more neutral option to the gender-stereotypical choices of pink or blue. Lighter yellows also match the many cheery and playful friezes, decals, yellow photo frames and other décor features available to finish off a fun-filled child’s room.

For those who embrace yellow's uplifting and happy influence, the best choice in a kitchen or living room is primrose yellow. If you combine this with grey, silver or white accessories, fabrics and picture frames. This helps to contain and define the warm glow you create. Many shades of strong yellow are also excellently complemented by paler blues, such as duck egg.

Adding splashes of yellow to a décor

If you are updating an existing room, or you are reluctant to splash yellow around too much, there are still many options.

For example, you could introduce this warm and welcoming colour to your room by painting one feature wall in a bold bright shade, leaving the rest white.

Painting one or more of your interior doors in a boisterous variation of yellow can also look stunning.

Having a white, grey or pale blue room and adding in yellow fabrics and furniture can also look great. There are some funky and fun furniture products around in everything from golds to canary yellow!

Imagine white, or pale green, grey or light blue walls, to really set the scene for a sumptuous lemon yellow sofa!

The best yellow room accessories

The largest pieces of furniture you introduce don’t need to be yellow, to add gorgeous sunshine shades to your room. Splashes of joy can be added with subtle finishing touches.

This could include using yellow (or yellow patterned) cushions on your sofa if that blends well. Or, you could liven up a plain room with vibrant prints and photos in our Rainbow Wood Yellow Photo Frame. This yellow photo frame is bright and exciting and can draw attention to your favourite wall art brilliantly.

You could also add a yellow vase of fake sunflowers or real summer blossoms to your room. That's a way to benefit from yellow’s optimistic vibe on a tight budget!

For more information about the best yellow photo frame for your uplifting decorating project, browse our product range. Or, contact one of our “sunny” and cheerful team for free “golden” advice.