What should I consider for a made to measure picture frame? Choose a style, mount and more

What should I consider for a made to measure picture frame? Choose a style, mount and more

If you have a beautiful piece of artwork or a treasured photograph that deserves an extra special frame, then a made to measure picture frame is the best choice for you. The Memory Box frame builder makes creating made to measure picture frames easy and affordable. With a vast range of desirable options, you can find the perfect frame for you. Before you order your picture frame, there are several things to consider. In this made to measure picture frames guide we look at what you need to know before you order your frame, from the style of the picture frame to the size of the mount and the finish of the frame.

What style of frame would work best for my picture?

When choosing your picture frame, you need to pick a style that will both complement the picture and the room. If your picture is bold and detailed, then a simpler frame might be better so it doesn't distract from the artwork. If your picture is vintage or in a sepia or black and white tone, then a vintage-inspired picture frame will work really well. For larger pieces, you will need a larger frame to make an impact, so choose a picture frame with a wide border. You can also make the frame complement the piece, like a distressed wooden frame around a picture of beach huts. Choose a classic frame that really elevates the artwork. This also means that it can be displayed in different places in the future.

Choosing a frame that complements your interior design

If you already know where you will be displaying your picture, it is worth choosing a frame that will complement that space. Think about what style the room is, who will be looking at the picture and whether there are other picture frames you want to match. Also, think about what surface you want to display your made to measure picture frame on. Make sure there is still a contrast and avoid clashing colours.

A Wide Variety of Design Choices

For a modern and contemporary room, a thin white frame is a versatile choice, that will suit the space well. If it is a more traditional space, then a larger ornate frame could be a better choice. For a glamorous look, try a vintage-inspired gold ornate frame. If your room has a specific colour scheme, then Memory Box also has a range of colourful options, like purple photo frames and duck egg blue shabby chic frames. If you are hanging the picture in a relaxed, family space then a wooden picture frame works well.

What size picture frame do I need?

It is essential that you measure the picture you intend to frame, and the size that you want the frame to be too, with the mount. Lay the picture flat on a clean surface to measure it properly. Measure in mm for the most accuracy and look at how big the frame will be on the wall. One reason many people choose made to measure picture frames is that their artwork or photograph is an unusual shape, and won't fit in standard frames. This is especially true for large film posters, which look great in large black edged frames, or old photographs which look beautiful in metallic deep-edged frames. If you can't find the exact size you are looking for, you can always contact Memory Box about your specific requirements.

What picture frame mount should I choose?

A picture frame mount is essential for a high-end look. Mounts are perfect for framing the image and providing a contrast to the picture frame. A mount means your artwork stands out and looks professionally framed. If you have a picture that is an odd dimension, a mount makes it fit the frame better. White is the classic choice for a picture frame mount, as it doesn't draw attention away from the artwork. However, a black mount can be great for making an impact. Or alternatively, an ivory mount is lovely for classic photos, like wedding photographs or newborn pictures.

What size mount should I choose?

You will also need to choose which mount size you want, for example, 10"x10" for 6"x6" or A4 for 9"x7". These numbers refer to the size of the mount compared to the size of the frame. This means that you can choose how thick or thin you want the mount to be around your image. It is important to remember that your mount may overlap the picture by a couple of millimetres. Mounts can be used to create a range of different effects. These range from thick mounts around tiny polaroid photos to bold double mounts around certificates or watercolour paintings. Some pieces work better without a mount, for example, a travel poster with a white border. You can choose no mount as an option in our custom frame builder.

What material should I choose for my picture frame?

Again, this depends on what look you want to achieve. At Memory Box, we use eco-friendly materials like sustainable wood and polcore. If you want a classic picture frame, then wood continues to be a popular choice. It has been used for centuries and has beautiful natural patterns that are ideal for framing art. For a more modern look, polcore is a great choice. It is available in a range of finishes, from modern black gloss to mosaic. If you want a more ornate, detailed frame then polcore picture frames are ideal. From detailed scrolls and marks to tiny mosaic squares, this material allows a variety of options.

How do I design a made to measure picture frame?

Now you know exactly what frame you are looking for, it couldn't be easier to design your own made to measure picture frames. Our custom frame builder is easy to use, with 3D viewing options too. With hundreds of different sizes, designs and textures available, you will be sure to create the perfect one-of-a-kind frame for your one-of-a-kind photo.