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Antique & Vintage Frames

Explore our curated selection of Antique and Vintage Frames, handpicked for their distinctive designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and enduring elegance. Our range includes ornate wooden frames adorned with detailed carvings and charming, old-world frames that bring a sense of warmth and nostalgia. Perfect for enhancing the decor of living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or offices, these pieces promise to infuse any space with a timeless aesthetic.
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    Some of the questions we get about antique & vintage

    We asked our network of interior experts to answer some of the popular questions we are asked everyday!

    • How do I select a vintage frame that complements my room's decor?

      When choosing a vintage frame, it’s crucial to consider your room’s existing style. Seek out frames that echo the colours or finishes present in your decor. For rooms with a modern or minimalist aesthetic, opt for frames characterised by sleek lines and understated designs. Conversely, for spaces that boast a traditional or eclectic vibe, frames with elaborate details and ornate craftsmanship can add a rich, textured look.

    • Is it possible to blend vintage picture frames with different interior styles and decorations?

      Absolutely. Vintage picture frames possess a unique charm and warmth, making them versatile additions to any space, irrespective of its prevailing style. Pairing vintage frames with contemporary decor can create an intriguing contrast, while they can also enhance the cohesion of traditional settings.

    • What are the most sought-after styles of vintage picture frames?

      Among the myriad of styles, Art Deco, Baroque, Rococo, and Victorian frames stand out for their popularity. These styles are celebrated for their elaborate craftsmanship, featuring elements like carved wood, lavish gilded finishes, and complex patterns, all of which contribute to their timeless appeal.

    • Can you suggest inventive ways to incorporate vintage picture frames into my interior design?

      Beyond their conventional use for showcasing photographs, vintage picture frames offer numerous creative possibilities. Consider transforming a frame into a piece of wall art by removing the glass and inserting fabric or decorative paper as a background. Alternatively, frames can serve as elegant surrounds for artwork, mirrors, or curated collections of items like postcards or stamps, adding a personal touch and visual interest to your space.