Graduation Picture Frame Ideas

Graduation Picture Frame Ideas

Posted by Sophia Peters On 16th Jul 2019 In Picture Frames, Graduation Picture Frames, Gifts, Photo Frames

It's that time of year again, when thousands of students are celebrating their hard-earned degrees. When it comes to finding some beautiful graduation gifts, picture frames are an ideal choice. After years of study, it is important to recognise this massive achievement and all of the hard work and effort that has gone into it. Finding a unique and thoughtful graduation gift for the graduates you know can be challenging. So, we have found some unique graduation picture frame ideas. Classic graduation picture frames are a beautiful way to capture memories of this special time.

What are some handmade graduation gift ideas?

If you want an extra special graduation memento, then handmade graduation gifts are thoughtful and one of a kind. Try and include unique details, like the university they have graduated from and what course they have studied.

Graduation memory boxes

A graduation memory box frame is a great choice, especially if you are close to the graduate, so is one of the ideal graduation gifts for daughters. You can choose to fill the memory box with keepsakes from their time at university. Try and find a copy of their acceptance letter and a souvenir from the place they studied. Include tickets from events they went to and any keepsakes from field trips or work experience. The beauty of a memory box is the ability to choose a deeper frame which you can fill with mementos for the perfect graduation gift picture frames. Look for 3D items and different materials and textures for a beautiful and unique graduation gift.

Personalised graduation photo frames

Personalised frames are also great graduation gifts for friends, and it can be fun and easy to customise a photo frame. Find some stick-on letters, like Scrabble tiles or sparkly letters and numbers. Spell out their name and graduation dates on simple photo frame. Make sure it is a flat frame so you can secure the letters properly. Get creative with stickers, rhinestones and collage materials. You can also personalise the mount of a picture frame if you are choosing a more ornate design. Die cut letters and stamped messages can work well when customising a photo mount. Make the gift unique to them and include the dates of their graduation and the degree they earned too.

Handmade graduation gift ideas

Other handmade graduation gifts include patchwork blankets made in their school colours or handmade jewellery with graduation charms. Think about making customised notebooks, wall art and book art gifts too. Be creative and get inspired by the institution they have graduated from, the subject they studied and the year they graduated. Don't forget about practical graduation gifts too. If you are looking for graduation gifts for doctors, then a doctor's bag, stethoscope or picture frame for their certificate would make lovely gifts. If you're looking for graduation gifts for architects, a set of drawing pencils would be great, or what about a personalised pen for a journalism graduation gift? Make sure your graduate knows you care about them and what they have studied.

Graduation picture frames make great graduation gifts

Graduation picture frames have been one of the most popular gifts for graduates for many reasons. In a world of digital photography, they are even more valuable. There are loads of different graduation gifts picture frames available. This makes it more important to choose the right one for your graduate. Graduation is one of the few times that adults get formal photographs taken, so capture this unique moment with a photo frame to treasure. Graduation picture frames are also lovely gifts for parents and grandparents who have supported the student.

A sophisticated silver picture frame

classic silver photo frame is a timeless and stylish choice. This frame is ideal for formal graduation photos as it also comes in different sizes and has a high-end look. A sophisticated silver frame is also an ideal choice when looking for masters graduation gifts. Choose a sleek and stylish frame, which is high quality and has a mount with it. You will find that many specialised graduation picture frames are in a silver shade. This colour brings up ideas of quality, knowledge and accomplishment, making it perfect for graduation.

A graduation picture frame in their university colours

Another thoughtful idea is finding a graduation picture frame in their school colours. Most schools and universities have dedicated colours, worn by their sports teams or sigils. You could also find out what colour their graduation robes will be. Many universities have specific colours for specific courses and faculties, so you can match the frame to that. Bright colourful photo frames like a  royal blue matt photo frame or a deep burgundy wooden framedeep burgundy wooden frame are more unique and personal graduation gifts photo frames.

A luxurious gold frame

Because graduation is such an important achievement, you can really go all out when choosing graduation gifts picture frames. A  bold, ornate gold frame is a stunning choice, which will perfectly show off their accomplishments. For a more subtle choice that still looks important and noteworthy, an elegant, thinner gold frame is ideal.

graduation frame ideas

A stylish black frame

For an elegant and gender neutral graduation gift, a sleek black photo frame is a timeless choice. The black frame will coordinate with their graduation robes and will suit any environment. A  black photo frame with a silver edge is perfect for framing those special graduation photos, with a hint of metallic detail. You could also choose a wide textured black frame for design-loving graduates who will appreciate this stylish choice.

A wooden graduation frame

Wooden picture frames are another classic choice, which bring a more natural feel to the image. Look for wooden frames which are high quality and have a natural shine. You can find  wooden picture frames with gold or silver tones, to make them more special too. A wood effect natural frame can be a great alternative for students who are unique. A wooden frame also goes well with other colours and design schemes.