What are box style picture frames and why should I get one?

What are box style picture frames and why should I get one?

Posted by Sophia Peters On 26th Nov 2018

What are Box Style Picture Frames?

Box style picture frames are deep picture frames that can be used to frame or create 3D art, pictures and photographs. They are far deeper than usual picture frames, and they allow you to create multiple layers and use different objects in your image than you would typically be able to. Box style picture frames or box frames are also called shadow boxes or shadow picture frames, and they are becoming increasingly popular as a unique way to frame precious memories and mementos.

How Can I use Box Style Picture Frames?

There are many ways you can use box style picture frames in your home. They are great for adding a different type of effect to your interior and add depth when hung next to other photo frames. You can also use box style picture frames in your home as freestanding frames, perfect for on a mantelpiece or side table. If you have a gallery wall or a collection of framed photos, then the depth of a shadow box frame gives a great contrast.

Deep box picture frames can also be used to layer up  multiple layers of paper clippings or designs for a 3D shadow effect. If you have a paper guillotine or you enjoy paper clippings you can play around with different intricate layers in your box frame. You can use box style picture frames to frame special mementos too, like 3D cards, invites or certificates. If you have a specific thing that you need to mount in a box picture frame, then you can use the Memory Box Frame Builder service and have a custom picture frame made for you.


Framing 3D Art with Box Picture Frames

Another way that you can use box style picture frames is to frame 3D things like fabric art, felt art, embroidery and cross stitch. If you love these hobbies but struggle to mount your finished pieces, box style picture frames are perfect for you. Box picture frames can be used for scrapbook pages too, and they are an ideal way to display beautiful 3D scrapbook projects.

DIY Box Style Picture Frames Ideas

Box style picture frames are great for getting creative and making unique framed pieces for your home. There are loads of box frame craft tutorials online. We've put together a few ideas here:

DIY Light Up Display Frame

One beautiful way of using a box frame is to create a light up display. Because of the depth of a box style picture frame, you can get some battery-operated fairy lights and make your special image glow. Separate the frame from the glass and the back and choose a gorgeous photo or inspirational quote. Next, secure it in the middle of the frame to the backing piece. Start with the end of the fairy lights, and then run the string of lights around the inside edge of the frame. You also need to secure with tape around the corners. Once you have attached all of the lights to the inside of the frame, you need to tuck the lights in under the string. Then you need to secure any loose areas with more white tape. Finally, you just put your frame back together with the glass. You can then tuck the battery pack behind the frame and hang it up in your house for a beautiful lit up display box.

Sparkling Box Photo Frames

Another fabulous way you can use box style picture frames is to fill them with something sparkly. This creates a shaker or snowglobe kind of effect, like confetti. Sparkle box frames are one of the most popular ways of using box style picture frames, and they are fun and quirky. A plain white box frame is excellent for this as it will go with any colour of decoration and the 3D elements will stand out against the white. Place the frame facing downwards on a flat surface. Then the fun part! You can use glitter, rhinestones, confetti, seed beads, sequins, coloured sand - anything shiny and small! Fill your frame with enough sparkles to see, try and fill just under an inch dependent on size. Then place your chosen design or photograph in the frame. Make sure you replace the back of the frame before picking it up again!

Why Should I Get Box Style Picture Frames?

Box Style Picture Frames are great for a plethora of different uses. They have a great 3D appeal and allow you to frame things with depth that you wouldn't usually be able to. You can also use box style picture frames to create lightboxes, shadow art and handmade gifts. Box style picture frames are great to have around in case you have to find a last minute present. They also allow you to create a scrapbook kind of effect. You can display souvenirs as well as photos, like tickets, pressed flowers and found things like pebbles and driftwood. There are a number of different styles of box style picture frame, from traditional wooden box frames to bold and modern black box style picture frames. This variety means you can choose a frame that perfectly matches your home or design scheme.

Box Style Picture Frame Gift Ideas

Box style picture frames also make beautiful gifts. For kids, an initial box frame is a great, personal gift. You can frame their main initial and then use beads, buttons, and 3D elements to make a gorgeous, fun gift. If you are trying to find a handmade picture frame gift, you should consider box style picture frames for something unique and different. For a picture frame wedding gift, use unusual materials like scrabble tiles or 3D foam letters to spell out the couples names, wedding date and Mr & Mrs, if you know the colour scheme or flowers, you can use 3D elements to make your wedding picture frame gift really special and unique. Box picture frames are also great for framing baby photos and baby scans. Box style picture frames are versatile and fun and great for giving as a personalised picture frame gift.