Impressive vintage home accessories - grandfather clocks to vintage style picture frames

Impressive vintage home accessories - grandfather clocks to vintage style picture frames

If you are looking to create a grand and impressive interior design scheme in your home, vintage home accessories like antique lamps and vintage style picture frames are essential for this look. There are a wide variety of impressive vintage home accessories that you can use to create an opulent interior. We look at some of the best vintage home accents and how you can use them in your space too.

Design inspiration

First of all, it is important to get some interior design inspiration for your fabulous new decor. For an impressive interior, stately homes, period properties and high-end hotels are perfect for some design inspiration. Look for what details you like the most, and what finishing touches you think would work in your room. Make sure you are aware of the space you have, as some large pieces will look too much in a smaller area. Look at different time periods and places, from Chinese temples to British country houses to Indian palaces.

vintage style picture frames on wall

Artwork is essential

You will notice that a lot of these historic interiors are full of beautiful artworks, and this is a design concept that you can easily use in your home. Art has always been one of the best ways of adding personality and sophistication to a room. If you can find original artworks then not only are they a beautiful addition to your home, they are also a potential investment. Look for up and coming artists and visit local art sales. Look for paintings you love, from antique portraits in ornate vintage style picture frames to large modern art prints. It is also worth looking in antique shops, charity shops and second-hand stores for art you can reframe.

Insects and animals

One trend that is really making a comeback is etymology and taxidermy. Picture an old library, with butterflies on the wall and a stuffed bird on the mantelpiece too. This look isn't for everyone, but you can source ethical pieces online. If you want to get this antiquarian look then a 3D box picture frame is ideal. An alternative to using real creatures is finding beautiful models and pictures. You can also mount detailed illustrations of animals in 3D vintage style picture frames for the same look. For example, printed butterflies like the Blue Morpho and Swallowtail look just as impressive, and you can raise the wings with sticky pads if you fancy a DIY project.

Vintage style picture frames

Vintage style picture frames are another gorgeous accessory that you can use to create a stylish home. They are a great way of getting an antique look, and you can choose a range of different materials to create a unique mismatched effect. Gallery walls are a popular interior choice, and vintage style picture frames are also essential for this design feature. Choose a range of different sizes and look for detailed picture frames that are both elegant and timeless. Find frames that are the right size for your artworks at Memory Box.

Stunning sculptures

One type of impressive home accessory that is sure to set your home apart is unique sculptures. Sculptures aren't as popular as they have been, but they are a sure way to add some luxury to your home. Look for dramatic pieces like a golden tiger bust or a classic Venus sculpture inspired by Greek myths. Not only do sculptures add an air of sophistication, but they are also a great way of showing the things that you love.

Grandfather clocks

Antique clocks are one of the most impressive vintage home accessories, and they are the perfect finishing touch for your room. A wooden grandfather clock is an incredible piece, and you can find them in antique shops and online too. Have a look at local auctions to try and find a bargain. Make sure it is in proper working order too. Some of the most popular types of the grandfather clock, also known as the longcase clock, are Golden Age clocks from the 17th and early 18th centuries made by craftsmen. Newer timepieces are a cheaper option, and you can still find beautiful grandfather (or grandmother) clocks with a smaller budget. Look for detailed elements, a makers mark and in particular, where the clock was made.

vintage grandfather clock interior

Precious metals

One recurring theme throughout luxurious, vintage homes is the use of precious metals. You don't have to go out and buy solid gold sculptures; this look can easily be achieved with a little creativity. For example, one way of adding some metallic textures is through soft furnishings. Gold curtains, beaded cushions and silver throws are all perfect for your interior. You can also use picture frames, like elegant silver vintage style picture frames to add a hint of precious metal. Mix your metals for a bold look or stick to one shade for more coordination.

Fabulous lighting

Another impressive home accessory that is sure to dazzle is a beautiful chandelier. Vintage crystal lighting is absolutely stunning, especially with the reflections from the crystal drops. Chandeliers have been used for hundreds of years to create a grand impression. They work especially well in large spaces like hallways and dining rooms. One other way you can use lighting in your home is by choosing lampshades with crystal or bead trim. Brass floor lamps and stained glass lampshades are also stylish lighting options.

Coordinated design

It is important to have a cohesive theme for your room, and the vintage home accessories you choose are the perfect way to bring everything together. You could choose a classic colour scheme like gold and cream; similarly, purple, navy and bronze all work well. You can also use home accents in jewel colours for a stunning effect. Beautiful vintage style picture frames in coordinating colours are perfect for framing precious photos and family portraits. Make sure you don't go to over the top and keep your room classy. Always balance your impressive home accents with deep colours and natural light too. Choose finishing touches that match and complement each other.