White wood picture frames: how to choose

White wood picture frames: how to choose

Posted by Sophia Peters On 14th Jan 2020 In white photo frames, interior design

There’s nothing quite like white wood picture frames, especially when it comes to making those photos pop. From family days out to formal portraits, photographs are as important as ever, particularly to keep hold of good memories. But with so many options out there, knowing which frame is right can be a challenge. Do you go ornate, or stay simple?

If you’re struggling to choose a white wood picture frame, this guide is for you. We take a look at the frames out there with an expert eye. For insight into the best white wood picture frames for you, look no further. Read on now to find out more:

Choosing a frame is more difficult than you’d think

Perhaps you have a new photograph in mind. Maybe you’re re-homing an older picture, or maybe a gallery wall is your goal in your home. Whatever the reason, picking a wood frame is more challenging than we often think. All sorts of factors can make a difference, from personal style to wall colour. So how do you choose a frame that’s right for you? The first step is knowing what you like, and what works for your space. With that in mind, you can pick an option that will suit you for years to come.

Often, choosing the cheapest frames feels the easiest option. But when it comes to something that’s hanging on your wall for years to come, style certainly should be considered. Why not treat your photos the same you would the rest of your home décor? Take a minute to think about what you want can make a world of difference. It can even save the cost on replacement white wood picture frames further down the line if you’re lucky.

However, saying that, we do accept that wood frames can be very expensive, but you're in luck: our wood style Polcore frames look just like wood, are much more affordable and are kinder to the environment.

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Here are just a few things to consider when picking out a wood frame. With these insights, choosing right the first time is far easier:


Do you love shabby chic homes? Perhaps sleek and modern is more your thing. Knowing your style is the key to getting a wood or Polcore frame that you’ll love. The London Reverse White Shabby Chic Rustic Frame, for example, will suit a home where florals and rustic style is on top. But this sort of frame wouldn’t be so suited to a home where geometric designs or modern style is favoured. The Rainbow Flat White Gloss Photo Frame would be far more suited to that kind of home.

Having a clear vision of how you’d like your home to look is an excellent first step. From there, picking a frame is easy, whether you’re adding to an existing display or starting fresh. Knowing your style can help make the process far easier. Of course, this doesn’t mean Polcore or wood frames can’t be versatile. Ornate frames can look incredible in stark rooms, or modern frames can look great in more classic places. It’s all about what you like, and what style you’re most comfortable with.


For those adding to existing walls, compatibility should also be a consideration. Sometimes, a mishmash of frames can look perfect for a space. But for others, it can look busy and too fussy for the room. If you have existing frames you love, using them as a guideline is a great place to begin. The Rainbow Wood White Photo Frame, for example, pairs perfectly with similar classic retro frames. As with style, it’s all about working with what you love. Creating a cohesive theme is easier than you might think with neutral frame choices.

Beyond other frames on the walls, looking at existing furniture is an excellent way to help choose frames. Distressed or worn furniture would seem at odds with glossy and modern frames. By contrast, chic and polished furniture will be texturally different from painted wood style frames. The Rainbow Flat White Matt Frame, for example, would suit matt furniture rather than gloss – but it’s all down to personal opinion. Whether you choose to match or contrast, taking compatibility into account can go a long way.

Wall colour or wallpaper

It can be easy to think that a white frame is just a white frame. But with so many finishes, styles and shapes available, there’s more choice than ever. Beyond furniture and personal style, picking a frame that looks fantastic means considering your wall colour. A matt white frame would get lost on a matt white wall, while a gloss may stand out a little better. A darker-coloured paint choice would look incredible with a more ornate frame, such as the Shabby Chic Scoop White Distressed Vintage Photo Frame. Match your frame to your wall, and you’ll end up with results you love.

Beyond flat wall colours, patterns and heavily detailed wallpapers are something else to consider. Stark white can be a beautiful contrast on highly patterned wallpaper. The wood-style Wood Budget Cusion White Photo Frame might be the ideal choice, though plenty of other options are available. To avoid getting lost in the pattern, simple and stark might be best, though darker-toned wallpaper shades will still look fantastic with a more over-the-top design.

If all else fails, go custom

If you’ve got a clear idea of the style and form you’d like your frame to take, our Frame Builder offers more flexibility. There’s a frame to match any wall. But if you’ve got particular ideas for your white picture frame, going custom is your best bet. Choosing a frame doesn’t have to be difficult with so much on offer. From classic woods to environmentally-conscious Polcore, there’s something to suit your home. There’s no such thing as one perfect white frame, but with our wide range, we can find the one that’s perfect for you.

Browse our full range of white wood photo frames online today, or discover our Polcore range of a high-quality alternative. Whatever your style and décor, we’ve got the white photo frame for you.