What Fred Birchal artwork will look good on my wall?

What Fred Birchal artwork will look good on my wall?

Posted by Sophia Peters On 28th Jan 2019 In Fred Birchal, Art Prints, Interior Design

Unique artwork with personality

Art is one of the most important things when it comes to creating a high-end interior design scheme, and Fred Birchal artwork is perfect for those looking for a unique and contemporary piece. Not only is art one of the most personal ways you can put your stamp on your place, but you can also share the things you love and the people who inspire you. Beautiful art prints are a unique and affordable way to update your home and add some artistic flair to your space.

Fred Birchal - the artist

Fred Birchal is a Brazilian artist who specialises in bright graphic prints inspired by popular culture. Graduating in 2011 with a Graphic Design degree, this award-winning artist is a rising talent, with a strong fanbase and a stunning portfolio. Inspired by artists such as Any Warhol, Keith Haring and Norman Rockwell, his strong aesthetic is instantly recognisable. Using bold colours, and clean lines, his portraits of people and objects that inspire him feature everything but the person. For a unique and unusual look at some of the world's most popular subjects, his work is intelligent and charming.

Awesome artwork for any home

Fred Birchal artwork is so versatile; it can go with any design scheme from modern and minimalist to bohemian and eclectic. Perfect for adding a pop of colour to a blank wall, Fred Birchal prints will undoubtedly be a talking point. Because of the vast range of Fred Birchal prints available at Memory Box, you will be able to find a piece of affordable art that you truly love. These pop culture art prints are unique and colourful and come in such a wide range of subject matter you will be spoilt for choice.

Music-inspired artwork

If you are a music lover, then choosing one of Fred Birchal’s music inspired art prints is an obvious choice. His stunning tributes include David Bowie’s costumes, with a bold, bright red background that would be a great statement piece of art. If you love ABBA, which we all do, then a quirky Fred Birchal art print inspired by their costumes will look amazing on your wall. It will also add a quirky retro appeal, perfect for a vintage style home.

Detailed and faithful versions of famous musicians outfits and guitars are stunning and also perfect for music room artwork. Say goodbye to beige walls with no colour and choose a Fred Birchal print of your favourite musician. If you are more of a folk fan, then Fred Birchal's Bob Dylan art print is simple and so effective. It has an acoustic guitar too for a chilled out, relaxed vibe for your home. Other famous guitarists and musicians which feature in Fred Birchal's artwork include Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, John Lennon and Daft Punk.

Abba - Fred Birchal Art PrintDavid Bowie - Fred Birchal Art PrintBob Dylan - Fred Birchal Art Print

Classic cars of the screen

Fred Birchal also has an amazing classic car range of art prints. These stylish artworks feature cars, vans and automobiles from your favourite films, like the famous DeLorean from Back to the Future and the Ghostbusters van. He also has created prints inspired by TV shows like Breaking Bad, with the ill-fated camper van, complete with bullet holes on the door. For a man cave or boy's bedroom, you can't get better artwork than these stylised car prints. You could even hang one in the garage too!

Back To The Future DeLorean - Fred Birchal Art PrintGhost Busters 2 Ambulance - Fred Birchal Art PrintBreaking Bad Campervan - Fred Birchal Art Print

Movie artwork with style

Film is a particular inspiration for Fred Birchal, and many of the world's most popular movies are captured in his unique style. Choose a fan favourite like Harry Potter, with his distinctive Hogwarts outfit, wand and iconic glasses. Similarly, cult hit Austin Powers is perfect for adding some fun to your walls, and the instantly recognisable blue suit is sure to get a giggle from fans. If you love Quentin Tarantino, then Fred Birchal's Tarantino artworks like Kill Bill and Django Unchained are perfect for film lovers, who will definitely enjoy these detailed pieces. For a stylish monochrome room, the Blues Brothers Print with shades and trilbies is an excellent choice. These stunning movie-inspired prints are great for creating a warm feeling of nostalgia. They are also a great talking point because as you look closer, the fine details are genuinely remarkable.

If dinosaurs are your kind of thing, but you want a subtler artwork, then a Jurassic Park Fred Birchal print, featuring Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler's costumes is ideal. With a Jurassic green background, this print will go perfectly with dinosaur-themed home accessories, a popular new trend.

The Blues Brothers - Fred Birchal Art PrintKill Bill - Fred Birchal Art PrintsHarry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe - Fred Birchal Art Print

Superhero artwork

Any superhero fan out there would adore Fred Birchal's iconic superhero art prints. A blue background features Captain America's famous outfit and shield. Another all-American hero, Superman, is also featured in a classic Birchal style, with a great retro feel. If you have a superhero inspired room and are looking for bold artwork, these prints would look amazing on your walls.

Science fiction artwork

There are some awesome art prints for sci-fi fans too. If you have been looking for Dr Who artwork, you will love Fred Birchal's Dalek print, with a detailed graphic of the infamous robots. These bold and modern science fiction artworks are perfect for putting a unique stamp on your home. There are also some great Star Wars art prints, including Han Solo with his waistcoat and Darth Vader on a dark side inspired background with his red lightsaber.

Sophisticated pop culture prints

Fred Birchal prints are perfect for those who love pop culture because their subtle references to classic films, TV shows and musicians make for a tasteful take on pop culture. His intense use of colour and dramatic lines create a bold visual appeal. Match your Fred Birchal art with vintage film posters and pop art prints for a cool and quirky gallery wall too. Finally, you can frame your prints in a range of styles and picture frames to create a bold look. Fred Birchal artwork is perfect for the sophisticated pop culture fan, and the timeless appeal of your favourite icons is captured in his timeless style.