Top ideas for a purple bedroom - purple bedding to a purple photo frame

Top ideas for a purple bedroom - purple bedding to a purple photo frame

A purple bedroom is a gorgeous and luxurious design choice, and everything from a purple photo frame to purple curtains will help you use this fabulous colour. From pale lilacs to bold electric purple, there are so many different shades to choose. Purple is often associated with luxury, royalty and creativity, so it's perfect for creating a beautiful bedroom that makes you feel like a royal.

Choose Your Shade of Purple

There are so many beautiful shades of purple it can be hard to choose exactly which one you want. Sometimes it is good to find something in the exact shade you desire, like a purple photo frame or lampshade and get the colour matched in store. If you are looking for a calming, subtle room, there are lots of beautiful pale purples you can use to create a tranquil space. Shades like silver mauve, pale lavender and misty violet have a hint of blue and grey. These shades are perfect for a cooler, more subtle purple. If you want a bold and bright purple shade, look to electric purples, ultra violet and magenta. A deep, dark purple can also be a gorgeous choice for your bedroom. Look for sumptuous colours like aubergine, imperial purple and grape.

purple bedroom palette

Purple Decorating Tips

If you prefer wallpaper to paint, there are some beautiful statement wallpaper options for you as well. A luxurious damask design is always good for creating a vibrant and classic opulent effect. You can also find wallpapers with a metallic touch. For a modern and contemporary purple bedroom, look for a wallpaper with a bold purple stripe. If you want a purple wallpaper that will remain in style, then a delicate, smaller pattern is best. It might be worth considering wallpapering just one wall and painting the others. This is especially true if you choose a bold patterned wallpaper.

Purple Bedroom Accessories

Try and balance your room with coordinating colours like olive green, indigo, burgundy and grey. If you would prefer paler walls, then you can find a gorgeous range of purple home accessories to introduce the colour. A purple photo frame provides a lovely pop of colour, and purple lampshades are really effective. Purple curtains are a popular choice and come in a range of fabrics. Purple rugs look great too!

Stylish Purple Bedroom Themes for Inspiration

To create the perfect purple bedroom, choose one of these on-trend design schemes. A purple bedroom is a bold choice, so enjoy playing with colour and try something new. Whether you want a tranquil lilac space or a creative bohemian bedroom, one of these trends will be perfect for you.

Bohemian Purple Bedroom

For a bright and bohemian purple bedroom, choose a range of different textures and complementary colours. For this kind of room, bright, jewel tones work best. Think rich amethyst, jade green and sapphire blue. Wall hangings are great for this trend too. Try to find ones with subtle hints of purple and embellishment. Choose a range of different pieces of art, and frame in them in a stunning purple photo frame to pull the room together. Look for quirky cushions for the bed and a colourful chandelier with lots of different gems and beads. A big floor rug is also great for this trend, for a unique, artistic vibe. Hang crystals like amethyst and quartz for a magical feel.

Sophisticated Lilac Bedroom

If you want a more subtle purple bedroom, then shades like pale lilac and pastel violet are perfect for creating a calm and peaceful space. This interior design scheme is ideal for a feminine and sophisticated room. Look to pale greys, soft whites and metallic finishing touches to complement the purple you choose. This sweet and delicate theme can then be carried on throughout the room. Use purple voile curtains, lilac bedding and soft fabrics like faux fur and silk. Keep things sentimental and add your own personal details to the room too. Hang large initials on the walls, choose cushions with your name on or perhaps frame your favourite photos in a coordinating purple photo frame. Use fairy lights around your headboard and lovely bedside lamps for some romantic lighting.

Luxurious Purple Bedroom

Purple is also great for a bold, over the top and glamorous room. If you love maximalist decor, then a purple bedroom will be perfect for you. This trend is all about more, more, more. Go bold with a huge chandelier, say yes to those purple satin curtains and don’t be afraid of gold fringing. Use photo frames to make a gallery wall, with a purple photo frame and gold ones too. Another huge part of the maximalist trend is oversized art, and multiple pieces of art hung on the wall. Use a purple photo frame for some extra colour and choose bold, bright art that you love. Look to old painters like the pre-Raphaelites for sumptuous colours and soft textures.

Gold accents are also essential for this glamorous look. Try and find some gold candlesticks, a gilt mirror and gold ornaments too. If your room is big enough, try and find a gorgeous velvet chaise lounge or armchair in a beautiful rich shade of purple to really tie the room together. Bold purple floral patterns are perfect for this luxurious trend too.

Pretty Pastel Bedroom

Pale purple is perfect for creating a girly and cute bedroom. If you want a gorgeous pastel room then next choose a lovely lilac for the walls. Complement the purple with other pastel shades like lemon, baby pink and mint. For this room, your getting ready area is incredibly important. Find a beautiful vanity unit and even a mirror with lights around it. Organise your makeup brushes in purple pots and put up a quote in a purple photo frame that inspires you. A fluffy purple rug is a fun and quirky touch for this room. It's also important to have lots of cushions and pillows in pastel shades. Look for artwork or room accents with a retro feel. Cute animals and cartoons are also perfect for this design. If you have cuddly toys or soft animals, display them on a shelf!