Walnut living room furniture collections - walnut photo frames, coffee tables, bookcases and more

Walnut living room furniture collections - walnut photo frames, coffee tables, bookcases and more

If you are trying to create a classic and luxurious living room, walnut is a stunning choice, from walnut photo frames to beautiful bookcases. Walnut has a beautiful, rich colour and this luxurious wood remains a popular choice for interior designers. With a timeless appeal and natural quality, walnut is perfect for your living room furniture. We look at different ways to use walnut in your home, for whatever look you desire.

Why choose walnut?

Walnut is an incredibly hard and durable wood, which makes it perfect for statement pieces that will last. Walnut is a rarer wood than other choices like pine. This gives it a high-end and luxurious appeal. You can also choose pieces with a walnut veneer if real walnut furniture is out of your budget. Because of its hardness, it is a great material for woodcarving, and you often find walnut furniture with ornate, hand-carved decoration

At Memory Box, we create our walnut picture frames without using walnut as a material, so you can have the charm of this traditional wood but without the same environmental impact and without the heavy price tag. Our walnut frames are actually made from a recycled material called polcore, which is a much friendlier alternative and with an equal aesthetic. 

Walnut has a glossy, dark look, which makes it perfect for statement interiors, with pieces like walnut picture frames which are luxurious and striking. There are many different shades of walnut, from glossy black to rich red to light hazel. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of homes and interior design schemes. Walnut also has a very straight grain which means it has a uniform appeal.

Walnut style tips

As walnut is such a high-quality wood, it is used for many different types of furniture, from carved tables to antique desks to walnut photo frames. It's glossy texture and straight grain mean it can be used in a wide variety of interior design schemes. Brown furniture has been experiencing a recent resurgence. Now, many people choose classic, dark furniture over the pale mass-produced pieces that have been popular for many years. Walnut furniture is made to last and is easy to look after and maintain too. Look for classic markers of quality in your walnut furniture, like turned legs, brass handles and marquetry inlays.

A cosy living room look

For a gorgeous, cosy living room, walnut furniture is such a good choice. The dark colour of walnut and its beautiful texture make it a classic choice for a warm and cosy living room. To create a cosy, welcoming living room, it is important to have fun with your design and also use a range of textures. Mix the glossy shine of walnut photo frames with soft velvet cushions and worn leather books on a walnut bookcase. Choose decorative pieces that are comfortable and practical, like a large walnut coffee table with hidden storage or a vintage-inspired chesterfield sofa. Don't be afraid of dark colours and unusual pieces. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, make sure it is a key feature in your cosy living room.

Eclectic travel aesthetic

For those filled with wanderlust, choose a beautiful living room inspired by different cultures from around the world. This look is often featured in high-end interior magazines and it also works well in open-plan spaces. Choose plain white walls and a glossy wooden floor so that your decorative elements stand out. Walnut has a stunning exotic appeal, meaning it is a popular choice for traditional handcrafted furniture. Look for walnut pieces with beautiful carvings and unique inlays for a bohemian, traveller vibe. Walnut photo frames like this Walnut gold edged frame are also perfect for hanging in your living room. Frame travel pictures from your adventures and local art that you have found. Experiment with a gallery wall, with lots of different walnut photo frames as well as 3D items like painted plates, woven wall hangings and metal signs.

A high-end modern home

Walnut is an incredibly high-quality material which means it is perfect for a high-end modern home. If you are going for a minimalist, designer look, use walnut to create a bold contrast with a white interior design scheme. Walnut is a popular choice for TV stands, bookcases and media units too. For a minimalist look, clutter needs to be eradicated. Have a good sort out and also find walnut storage units to hide any mess. Mirrors are another great choice for this look. They create a sense of space in the home, and a dark walnut framed mirror is a stunning statement piece. This look relies upon clean lines and classic design, so choose unfussy items like modern walnut photo frames. Strong contrasts between light and dark are key too.

walnut high-end modern home

A luxurious, antique home

For grander homes, walnut is a great choice because of its history as a high-quality wood used for only the very best furniture. To create a luxurious, antique feel in your living room, look to stately homes and grand houses for inspiration. Gold is obviously an important factor in this look, from gold mirrors to gold and walnut photo frames to gold embroidered throws. If you have any antique pieces of furniture, this is the perfect space for them to really shine. Again, walnut is the best wood for this kind of look, with its rich appeal and high quality. Walnut was incredibly popular for furniture making in the 17th and 18th centuries too. Antique pieces from this time are perfect for this look. Walnut lampstands are a classic choice, as are beautiful nesting tables and rocking chairs too. For a really luxurious look, also consider walnut panelling with intricately carved details.

Colours to complement walnut furniture

Because of the beautiful, rich colour of walnut, it is important to make sure your room complements rather than takes away from your walnut furniture. White walls and plain floors provide a strong contrast with walnut, allowing the wood to stand out and become the focus. Green is a classic colour that goes with walnut. Rich green velvet sofas or sage green walls really complement walnut furniture too. Other shades that work well with walnut include duck egg, purple and terracotta too. Pale shades like oatmeal and linen white are perfect for helping balance the dark colour of the wood. If you have a larger room, you might also choose a dark hue like navy, plum or aubergine to create a sumptuous and cosy space.