Picture frames for the office

Picture frames for the office

Posted by Sophia Peters On 24th Sep 2019

The office can be an overwhelming place to be, particularly if you’re yet to put your personal touch on the space. Whether you’re thinking along the lines of a few simple adjustments to your space or else you have a whole gallery wall of photos ready to display, there are plenty of office wall picture arrangement ideas that you can feast your imagination on. Finding the perfect picture frames for office cubicle walls doesn’t have to be overwhelming in the slightest - it’s a simple enough task and can be perfectly aligned with your taste depending on the style of frame that you choose. Office max picture frames can come in all shapes and sizes - you name it, we’ll sell it.

What size is a desk size photo?

If you’re looking for a frame to put on your desk, then considering what size you want is the first step. The standard sizes for a desk size photo are 5 x 7 or 6 x 8 inches, so buying the appropriate frame depending on your picture is really important. If you have a particularly small space and don’t want it to feel cluttered then a smaller frame, 4 x 6 inches as an example, may well be more suited to your requirements. Tastes vary and at Memory Box we have something for everyone - whether you’re suave and sophisticated with an eye for the more sleek photo frame or else you want to add a bit of glamour to your space then our office desk picture frames are perfect for you. A Baroque Spoon Ornate Gold Photo Frame will definitely adds glamour.

What size are certificate frames?

If you’ve worked hard to get to where you are then showing off your certificates and qualifications might be at the forefront of your mind. Framing your certificates is easily done - if you know how. Standard certificate frames are 30 x 40cm in size although you can opt for something that little bit larger if you’re thinking of backing your certificate. Office wall ideas are vast - why not integrate your certificates in with a few pieces of art? Add colour and make your qualifications the focal point of a gallery wall. The world is your oyster - having office picture frames can make that oyster all the more enjoyable.

How heavy can a picture be to hang on drywall?

With the right support and fastenings, a lot more weight can be hung on a drywall than most people expect. The heavier the frame, the more support it will need to be hung, so investing in good quality fixings is essential. Office picture frames don’t have to be just scattered across your desk - damage-free fixings are achievable with the use of command strips, giving you a little bit of personalisation in an impersonal space. Picture frames for office wall spaces can come in all shapes, sizes and weights so special consideration should be taken when choosing how to fix it to the wall.

How do you hang things on plaster walls?

The weight of your frame determines what kind of fixing you’ll need for your frames. If you’re hanging a photo frame that’s particularly light, then you may find that command strips are all it takes. For a little bit more support, raw plugs and screws may be much more appropriate. For office wall framed art picture wire will give that little bit of extra support, assuring you of the fact that your picture isn’t going to fall off the wall and be damaged - or damage the wall itself.