Picture Frames For Football Shirts

Picture Frames For Football Shirts

Posted by Sophia Peters On 13th Aug 2019 In FOOTBALL T SHIRT FRAMES, BOX FRAMES, GIFTS

Picture frames for football shirts can give a new lease of life to unused yet beloved shirts. Every football fan has them: those football shirts that you’ll never wear, but you can never get rid of. Maybe it’s a signed shirt from your favourite striker. Maybe it’s just a little too tight around the middle these days - or way too big! Or maybe you have a shirt from every season since you started supporting. What can you do other than have them hanging in the wardrobe, collecting dust? 

Football shirt framing

Framing your football shirts is a way to turn a wardrobe filler into an attractive piece of sports memorabilia. What is football shirt framing? Literally, the process of taking a football shirt or other piece of sportswear and carefully framing it to keep it in fantastic condition for many years to come. Framed football and sports shirts can be hung on the wall just like works of art, only more personal, in many ways.

A framed football shirt can be a reminder of a favourite match you went to. Or where you met that significant other. Or a crowning moment in your team’s history. It could simply be a reminder of why you started supporting your team in the first place, or a way to announce your support to the world. Whatever your football shirt means to you or your family, bring it into the home and display it proudly. Don’t hide it away!

Why frame your football shirt?

There are many reasons why you might want to frame a football shirt, the most obvious being so you can see it all the time. This is especially important if you view yourself as a super fan, one who’s been to all the matches and knows everything about every single team member. What better way to prove you’re a full-time fan than by having one of your team’s shirts hanging right there on the wall?

A more practical reason is that it frees up space. Football shirts go out of style quickly, and while it’s totally acceptable to wear last year’s shirt, the chances are that you’ve replaced it with a newer edition. Rather than it being squashed in the back of the wardrobe or drawer, never to see the light of day again, give an older football shirt a new lease of life. Framing it turns it into something you can look at again and again, plus it looks great and can help brighten up any room.

The most popular reason to frame a football shirt is to keep it safe from harm. Clothes left in wardrobes or closets for long periods of time are prone to damage from damp, mould, fungus, clothes moths and even wear and tear from snags and being shoved backwards and forwards on a hanger. Framing an all-important shirt keeps it safe from dust, pests and damp, whilst transforming it into a piece of art.

Finally, serious collectors can use framed shirts to make money from their collection. Football fans who haven’t managed to amass their own collection of football shirts are often happy to spend cash on framed football shirts. They make a great talking piece, and are a useful item when chronicling the history of a favourite football club. If you have the football shirts and the inclination, you could end up creating some fantastic pieces of sports-themed wall art that many fans will be delighted to pay for.

Whatever your reasons for framing your football shirts, you need a high-quality frame and some know-how to do it. It needs to look right. The last thing you want is a crumpled scrap of material in a frame that’s the wrong size or shape.

How we frame your shirt

We recommend a box frame for framing a football shirt. Box frames for framing football shirts are a great choice because they come in a range of sizes and have the depth required to accommodate the shirt.

Framing a football shirt is almost as easy as folding it into a suitable shape to go into the frame. The most common way is to fold the bottom of the shirt under, and the arms behind, so that the front and therefore the main part of the football strip is visible. Of course, if your football shirt was signed on the arm, you’re going to want to fold it in a different way.

Fold your shirt exactly how you’d like it to appear once it’s proudly hung upon your wall. Taking into account a little space around the shirt for a great display, use a tape measure to figure out what size box frame you’ll need. Box frames start at 10 inches high by 8 inches wide, but for an adult football shirt you’ll probably need a 12-inch frame at the very smallest.

Once the frame is ready, the shirt is stretched over firm cardboard to ensure it keeps its shape within the frame. This keeps it looking pristine as the frame is assembled around it. For an extra touch of class, choose a larger frame with a mount, which can enhance the look of your football shirt even more.

Get creative

Box frames mean you don’t just need to stick to a football shirt. Maybe you have tickets from a special game. Maybe you have a signed photo of the team. Or a lanyard from a VIP pass. These kind of items are the sort of exciting sports memorabilia that deserve more than just sitting in a box or drawer somewhere. Use your imagination and get creative by combining your football shirt with these other items to create a visually stunning collage.

These collages in a box frame will stay that way for as long as you want them to, and if you want to add to them in the future, that’s possible too. Place your sports collage or football shirt somewhere prominent, to spark conversation and show how proud you are of your team.