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, Our Top Red Picture Frames, Memory Box

Our Top Red Picture Frames

Red picture frames are a great way to add a bold splash of colour and a unique design feature to your home. Whether you are looking for a glossy, modern red photo frame for a treasured photo or a large red picture frame for a bold piece of art, we have some excellent options for you. At
Memory Box we love a strong colour theme and bold accents. Our top red picture frames are perfect for adding colour to any home or workspace. Available in a huge range of sizes and made to order in the UK, we can create the perfect red picture frame for you. We take a look at some of our most popular red picture frames and also how you can use them in your home.

, Our Top Red Picture Frames, Memory Box

Red Picture Frame Styles

Modern Red

Red is a great choice for a contemporary home, and our modern red photo frames are perfect for adding a pop of colour. Our
Rainbow wood red frame is a gorgeous choice, in a lovely shade of postbox red. In a minimalist space, with white walls and neutral surfaces, sometimes a bright touch like a red photo frame is exactly what is needed to lift the space. From corporate offices to modern open-plan apartments, red picture frames can add colour and personality to an otherwise cold space. Think about framing favourite movie posters, black and white photographs and modern art prints. Try to stick to a few bright primary colours and choose modern textures like polycore and chrome.

Wooden Red

Wooden picture frames have a gorgeous traditional appeal, and a bold red colourway gives your photo frame a unique look. A stained wood effect in a bold shade of red is a classic choice. Red wooden frames can conjure up ideas of traditional redwoods like Sequoia, but a modern Memory Box frame is a much more environmentally friendly option. Our beautiful
Confetti redwood effect frame is a simple and stunning choice. With a smooth woodgrain finish, this red frame is a classic and subtle choice. This frame is perfect for framing certificates, family photos and even sports memorabilia. If you’ve graduated from an institution with a red colour scheme, our wooden red picture frames are also a subtle nod to your school or university. These red wooden picture frames are a great graduation gift too.

Minimalist Red

Minimalist red photo frames like this one are perfect for bright, modern spaces like reception areas, desks and teen bedrooms. You could also use this red frame to complement other modern, minimalist frames, and it is available in different colours so you could create a rainbow gallery wall effect. This frame works well as part of a photo collage, of similar images or artworks for a bold, artistic statement for your home. You can also try this look on a hallway or wall that is an unconventional space, and the red is great for drawing attention to key images on your photo wall. Another modern red picture frame is the
red edged black photo frame which features a bold red interior stripe around the central image.

Quirky Red

If you are looking to create a quirky, bohemian vibe in your home, then red is a brilliant choice. This warm and romantic colour is perfect for creating cosy spaces. With a bohemian decor scheme, it is important to pay attention to small details and unique accents. Our stunning
Galaxy Red Photo Frame has been one of our most popular red picture frames. This unique photo frame has a thick frame, striped design and a gorgeous glossy finish too. Complement your red photo frame with other quirky red accessories like pillar candles, artwork and red cushions too. Unusual photo frames are such a great choice when it comes to putting your unique stamp on your home. As our picture frames can be freestanding or hung, they are also a great way to accessorise rental properties.

Natural Red

If you are going for an earthy, natural decor scheme, it may seem odd to introduce red. However, red tones can bring warmth and personality to a neutral space, and hints of red can also work well. We also have a more natural choice if you are looking for a wooden red picture frame, the stunning
Farmhouse spoon red picture frame. This photo frame is a more traditional picture frame, with just a hint of red in the wood effect finish. With a 3D shape, this classic picture frame is also ideal for framing vintage art prints and treasured photos. The wood effect gives this frame a lovely natural finish too. With a choice of mount colours, you could also choose a bold red mount to emphasise the red tones of the frame. Our eco-friendly picture frames are all made in the UK to the very highest standard too.

Matte Red

Are you looking for a red picture frame with a matte finish? A matte red frame is another bold, modern choice, perfect for a contemporary space. Our
Rainbow red matte frame has a slightly thicker frame a lovely matte red finish. This bold scarlet picture frame is ideal for a modern home. The matte finish means it will complement a contemporary design scheme too. Perfect for framing black and white photos or line drawings, this frame is available in a wide range of sizes so you can match your masterpiece exactly. Red photo frames are great for framing memorabilia too. If your team plays in red, one of our top red picture frames will be perfect for framing your precious sporting memorabilia.

Whether you are looking to accessorise a sleek modern office space, frame a treasured certificate or create a bold art statement, we have the perfect red picture frame for you. Red is the ideal colour for grabbing attention and highlighting a unique piece, so don’t be afraid of this bold shade. Check out the whole range at
the Memory Box online shop and use our frame builder to create the perfect custom red picture frame too.

, Our Top Red Picture Frames, Memory Box
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