Oak furniture ideas - oak picture frames, chairs, tables and more

Oak furniture ideas - oak picture frames, chairs, tables and more

Posted by Sophia Peters On 23rd May 2019 In Picture Frames, Photo Frames, Oak Furniture, Interior Design

These oak furniture ideas look at ways you can use oak in your home, whatever your budget or design scheme. From oak rocking chairs in country cottages to oak picture frames on modern white gallery walls, there are some amazing ways you can use oak in your home.

Oak or oak effect?

Oak is a beautiful, natural material which has been used in furniture-making for centuries. However, many people are put off oak because of its high price point. Now, modern oak effect products are highly sophisticated, providing a much more budget-friendly way of getting the look and feel of oak. Natural oak is long-lasting and great quality too. However, oak effect alternatives can also be a good choice, often lighter and more affordable. From oak picture frames to dining tables and chairs to vintage oak sideboards, we look at different ways you can use oak furniture to create the interior design you are looking for.

Oak Tree

Using oak in a modern home

If you have a modern and minimalist home, oak is an ideal choice to add some warmth to a white colour scheme. Look for light oak home accessories, like lampstands and side tables. For a luxurious modern home, an oak or oak effect floor is a gorgeous choice. The warmth and colour of a wooden floor are perfect for reflecting light and making your room feel bright and airy. For a contemporary gallery-inspired look, hang large pieces of artwork you love in oak picture frames. Gallery walls are a home trend which continues to be popular, and you can use oak picture frames to create a classy and unique gallery wall. This look means keeping clutter to a minimum so also choose some oak storage. A modern oak sideboard or chest of drawers is perfect for keeping your space tidy and clutter-free too.

Shabby chic oak

For a shabby chic style home, oak is a great choice, from distressed oak dining chairs to colourful shabby chic oak picture frames. Embrace the shabby chic trend and chalk paint some vintage oak furniture. Look at salvage yards, charity shops and on sites like eBay. Source beautiful second-hand oak furniture that you can give a shabby chic makeover. Choose furniture that you think you can put your own stamp on, and choose a simple project to start with like an oak coffee table. Don't be put off if the piece looks a bit worse for wear. With some sandpaper and creativity, you can create beautiful pieces of statement furniture for a fraction of the price. You can also find shabby chic effect oak pieces, like this Shabby Chic White Oak Picture Frame which is perfect for tying your room together. Use pastel colours, soft textures and follow our guide to shabby chic design for a stunning interior.

Oak in a hygge home

The Hygge aesthetic is so on trend at the moment. This Danish term encapsulates the cosy, fun and homely qualities that Scandinavian design is so good at. Natural materials are key to this trend, as is practicality and great design. Choose unique pieces of oak furniture, like large blanket chests or rocking chairs. Another great way you can use oak in a Hygge home is oak picture frames which are perfect for framing contemporary artwork and beautiful photos. A simple, flat frame is best for this sophisticated design scheme. You can also complement it with other minimalist oak home accessories, like floating shelves. Hexagon shelves are a fun and unique Hygge home accessory too. If you are creating a Hygge nursery, handmade oak toys are beautiful and timeless.

Using oak in a period property

Oak is often used in period properties, especially in Victorian or older houses. Think Jane Austen's home, with beautifully detailed oak furniture and floral wallpaper. An oak dining table and chairs are perfect for this classic historical look. Try and create a formal dining room with exquisite oak furniture, dark coloured walls and beautiful table settings. Oak beams are another great feature of period properties. You can recreate this with oak effect beams. These are also lighter than traditional beams and will make your home look like a charming historic house. Oak is also great for a mantelpiece, and you can use traditional oak picture frames to display your favourite photos. Try and find some vintage photographs of your relatives, black and white photos are ideal.

Oak in a country home

The cosy country cottage look is timeless, inviting and cosy. You can use oak furniture to really capture this aesthetic, no matter what style of home you live in. If your home has a wood burner or a traditional fireplace, a pile of oak logs is perfect for the quintessential country home. An oak welsh dresser is another classic part of a country home. Use rustic touches, like handmade ornaments, tartan throws and stag illustrations. Try and find a stunning handcrafted welsh dresser to show off your favourite crockery, ornaments and oak picture frames. The country home look is also great for kitchens. Oak effect kitchen units are an ideal choice for a warm and homely kitchen. A traditional oak rocking chair is another style essential for a country cottage inspired interior. Look for an antique chair, with hand-turned spindles and unique details too.

Oak furniture tips

When you are looking for oak furniture it is important to keep some key tips in mind. When cleaning oak furniture, it is better to avoid strong chemicals and use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the piece instead. Do this regularly to remove dust. To keep your oak furniture in the best condition, you may need to wax or polish it too. Over time, daylight will change the colour of your oak furniture, so think about how you position it and try to avoid putting new oak furniture in direct sunlight. If you are putting the piece of oak furniture next to a wall, leave a small gap so air can circulate too.