Memory Box Frames Ideas: A Guide to Keepsake Boxes

Memory Box Frames Ideas: A Guide to Keepsake Boxes

Posted by Sophia Peters On 15th Jul 2019 In Picture Frames, Photo Frames, Gifts, Keepsakes, Memory Boxes

What is your favourite childhood memory with a friend?

It’s lovely to be able to glimpse back in time to a special event, or even relive the days we spent laughing and exploring with our childhood best friend.

One thing the internet will never replace is the joy of having three-dimensional items and souvenirs to remind us of our best times. Many people find that the ideal way to preserve and display such sentimental items, is a keepsake box frame.

After all, such things are precious to us. When a national building society asked members what their most valued possession was, around 50% put a sentimental token from their past at the top of the list!


There’s a whole treasure trove of “bits and bobs” that you could be holding on to, that could be safely stored beneath the glass of a box frame. There are also many creative ways of mounting keepsakes to add to their appeal and value.

What you end up with, is not just simple items in keepsake box frames, but a window into magical memories from your past.

If you craft a keepsake collage in a box frame for a loved one, it makes a great gift too.

What sort of items can you use in keepsake box frames?

Later in this article, we will give ideas on how to create keepsake artwork in box frames.

However, as a rule of thumb, the memorabilia you use needs to be reasonably compact. It also needs to be nonperishable and reasonably robust. Even behind the glass of a  quality box frame, delicate (or edible) items can suffer from the passing of time and the effect of sunlight!

Beyond that, this evocative keepsake project can include just about anything that means “something” to you, or to the recipient of your gift.

The options are limitless, depending on the theme.

Keepsake memory box ideas

What sort of memories can be captured this way?

Keepsake art projects - all safely laid out in a lovely box frame - are the perfect way to commemorate the birth of a child. You can colour theme your creation, and add in a selection of baby hand and feet prints, tiny booties, and hospital wrist bands for instance. Some people also place a lock of the infant’s hair in the keepsake box (though this is possibly best left until their first official hair cut).

One of the most popular reasons for hanging on to ticket stubs and tiny pieces of the past is to help us to recall the wonderful days of our own childhood and youth.

The smallest things can remind us of the simple and uncomplicated friendships we enjoyed as children, and the adventures we had (often without leaving home). Small toys, drawings, sweet wrappers and friendship bracelets; things that might otherwise be lost. They can be safely tucked into your memory box picture frame.

Or, perhaps your keepsake treasure project is linked to your “first love”, and those early dates that led to a long and happy relationship. Which means options could include the champagne cork from when you said “yes” to an engagement ring or postcards and drinks stirrers from your first holiday together.

Weddings are a popular reason to gather memory aids into a beautiful box frame. It could include, for example, pressed flowers from the bride’s bouquet, confetti, table place names, a wedding favour wrapper, and wisps of the fabrics and decorations used for this magical day.

University memories can be stored, enjoyed and even shared in keepsake box frames too. From the paper slip with exam results on it, to the receipt for your first legal drink of alcohol! Or perhaps your best moments at university or college involve concert tickets, notes passed in lectures and funny photos with your mates.

Gifts for friends and family

It’s possible to make beautiful gifts for family and friends, by framing one or more items that bring them wonderful memories.

These don’t have to be elaborate and packed collages of keepsakes either. You could include one important item on a complementary background, then add in some attractive lettering with a message.

For example, a photograph of a cheeky grandchild, with scrabble letters to say “I love you, grandma”.

Keepsake  box frames can also be a way to comfort your loved ones at a time of loss. A photograph of a much-loved pet, with an item of memorabilia such as a dog collar tag or a cat toy, could be displayed with wording such as “We miss you, Felix”.

Also, careful mounting box frames full of keepsakes could be the best way to preserve and display important collectables or broken jewellery, as a gift for someone special.

Choosing the right box frame for a keepsake or gift project

When buying Memory box frames for keepsakes, it’s a good idea to lay out all the items you're considering including. The next stage would be to measure the size of the frame that would best hold and display your trip down memory lane.

There are different depths and sizes for box frames, including deep shadow box picture frames that expand the display area available.

You can also buy box frames to store keepsakes in a wide range of colours and finishes. Think about what would look best with the contents, such as pretty  wood effect Oak Polcore Boxframe, or our strikingly contemporary White Polcore Boxframe, with a Black Mount.

That last detail is important. Do you want a box frame with a mount, or without a mount to house your memories? It depends on the space you need for your keepsake collage, and what effect you're aiming for. A mount reduces the internal space in the picture frame, but it literally and metaphorically adds an attractive “edge” to your design.

How to create a keepsake picture

Once you have gathered together the main items you want to include in your framed memory box project you need to give thought to any additional ways you want to enhance the overall effect.

For example, Memory Box Frames for keepsakes often include lettering (such as Scrabble tiles) to add a name or message. Small buttons, shells or coloured pebbles can be a lovely way to spell out short wording too. Or longer messages could use calligraphy.

Also, do you want to use coloured card, feathers, glitter ribbons or any other decorative items within your design? Craft shops these days sell an incredible range of textured and three-dimensional decorative items.

Alternatively, you could cut up gift wrapping paper and magazines.

Before you stick anything down, it’s highly recommended that you draw out a pencilled area on a piece of paper that represents your box frame dimensions. Then, play around with all the memorabilia and decorations to find the best way to display them in the space available.

It’s often a good idea to choose a backing – such as coloured card – then put one major item as the anchor. This could be a photograph, for example, or the keepsake that takes up the most room.

You can then slot other items around that, to get the best design.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on depth! As you layer your memory treasures and decorations, you don’t want to discover at the last minute that they extend beyond the glass front, or possibly beyond the edges of a glass-less frame.

Also, if this is going to be a glorious riot of colour and pieces from the past, you may want to consider a simple box frame to hold your treasure trove, such as a  White Polcore Boxframe. You don’t want this trip down memory lane to give you a headache!

Once you’re 100% happy, you can start fixing your memorabilia in place. Then, it can be placed and fastened inside your box frame, to create a picture that looks amazing, but also makes you feel warm and happy inside!