Large vintage style picture frames really gave character to my home

Large vintage style picture frames really gave character to my home

Posted by Sophia Peters On 25th Oct 2018 In vintage picture frames, large picture frames

Why choose large vintage style picture frames?

I've been busy trying to create a unique and inviting home full of character. Large vintage style picture frames have been the perfect finishing touch I was looking for. Having walls full of art, photographs and memories has always been a trend I've loved. When designing my interior I wanted this to be a distinctive feature. Though minimalistic modern homes have their place, for a family home personality is so important. I love the unique, luxurious feel that large vintage style picture frames bring to my home. From shabby chic to ornate, I've used vintage style frames to create a quirky and unique home full of character. It's easy to create a beautiful, stylish home that is full of personality. These design idea should give you some hints on creating your dream interior.

Gallery Hallway

I have always wanted to create a gallery style hallway. I love this trend and it's the perfect way to welcome people into the home. It can share your personality and the things that are important to you. Picture a stately home with walls lined with oil paintings and family portraits. Of course, most of us don't have the space for this kind of interior design but for a little design inspiration, it's worth taking a look at  beautiful old houses from around the UK. For my gallery hallway, I chose a range of sizes and styles of picture frames. I made sure they all had a vintage feel and top quality materials. I love a good gallery wall as it is a great way to show off your favourite images, from art prints to family photos. Using an eclectic range of large vintage style picture frames creates a quirky and unique feel. To complement the varying styles of picture frames it is best to use paint or a plain wallpaper. Patterns and prints could detract from the images on show. For a really interesting gallery wall that makes a big impact, choose a variety of picture frames. Also, use different materials and hang them at different levels for a unique space.

Fabulous Metallic Frames

I love using metallic shades in my home, there's something wonderful about subtle sparkling hints to really tie a room together. For a luxurious, ornate interior, large vintage style picture frames in metallic finishes are a fabulous way to add some glamour to your room. Unique textures like the Verona Spoon Gold with brushed ornate gold finish are the best choice. Pair with rich fabrics like velvet and satin and use metallic shades in other home accessories. Brass candlesticks and gilt mirrors make for an opulent room that is reminiscent of vintage salons and period theatres. You could even use vintage film posters and Hollywood photos in your vintage style frames to carry on this theme. The Baroque Spoon Gold Frame is another beautiful choice, with intricate details that really add character to a room. These kind of frames are ideal for treasured artwork or special photos. If you have black and white wedding photos or portraits, a stunning gold vintage style picture frame is the only way to hang them alongside some of your favourite pieces of art.

Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is a look that has remained popular for years due to its charming appeal and homely feel. Inspired by French country kitchens and cosy cottages, this rustic look is a great way to add some character to your home. For a beautiful shabby chic interior design scheme, you can use large vintage style picture frames in a range of colours and finishes to complement your room. Look for rough wooden textures with an obvious grain and a chunky design. I chose the  Shabby Chic Scoop Walnut Frame because of its natural finish and simple design. It was perfect for adding character and the large size I chose really creates a stunning focal point. Another important part of creating a shabby chic style room is faded and peeling paint in neutral, pastel tones. If you want to add some more colour to your room, then a large pastel picture frame like the Shabby Chic Scoop Distressed Frame is a great way to complement the other colours you are using in your room. Make sure to pick out these shades in other aspects of your room. Mugs and plates in the kitchen or a lampshade in a similar tone work well.

Large Vintage Style Picture Frame on the wall - Shabby Chic design

A Focal Point for a Feature Wall

The feature wall is a classic way to use a bold pattern or style choice without overpowering a space. If flashy patterned walls aren't your thing then you can use an oversized picture frame to create a more unique focal point for your feature wall. This is perfect for rooms with a chimney. It’s also great for creating a focus for a room with a minimalist feel. Choose the largest size picture frame you can, and go for your favourite design from Memory Box. This is your opportunity to showcase your favourite piece and it's worth going all out. To keep with the vintage feel of your home, a classic wooden frame can be a great option. If you've got a wooden floor then choosing a frame which coordinates is a smart way to tie a room together visually. If you have a specific print, photograph or piece of art that you want to showcase on your feature wall you can always design your own frame here to perfectly match your piece. If you have a particularly intricate artwork, then a simple matte finish frame can be stylish and effective. If you have a more vintage style piece then a bold antique style picture frame will look amazing.

There are a huge number of ways you can use large vintage style picture frames throughout your home, from a quirky gallery wall to a shabby chic statement piece. No matter what design scheme you choose, showcasing your favourite images in beautiful frames is the perfect way to add personality and character to your home.