How to choose the best box photo frame

How to choose the best box photo frame

Posted by Sophia Peters On 17th May 2019 In picture frames, photo frames, box photo frames

Box photo frames are an attractive and versatile display option for hobby crafters, gift making or anyone who wants to add new wall art to their home. They are perfect to frame everything from football shirts and baby shoes to dramatic black and white landscape photography.

The many uses of box photo frames are largely thanks to the variety of options available. They come in all shapes and sizes, but also offer a choice of colours and finishes. This includes deep display frames that make it possible to be creative with three-dimensional materials.

Box photo frames are also a popular choice to show off a photograph or an art print, in a dramatic and appealing way. This is because the frame will literally and figuratively “stand out”!

With so much choice, how do you know which box photo frame to buy?

What are box photo frames, and what are their advantages?

Just to clear up any potential confusion first, what is specifically meant by a “Box Photo Frame” (sometimes referred to as a box frame)?

These tend to be deeper than normal photo frames, to varying degrees. This gives you a more robust edge around whatever it is you’re choosing to display.

It also provides a “relief” effect for wall art, photography and gifts. In this context, relief is derived from the Latin verb relevo, which means to raise. So you are raising your photo or print.

Having this deeper border can simply be a striking decorative feature. Instead of your pictures and wall art being flush to the surface of your wall, they project outwards slightly.

Box frames really come into their own, when their contents are also textured or three dimensional. Their deeper sides show off displayed items. They also provide space for you to build your art or craft project by adding layers.

That’s not to say you must always keep the contents within the sides of your box photo frame! If you choose to have no glass front, you can “go wild” creatively, and have all sorts of stunning visual effects that extend beyond the frame.

Box photo frame with mount vs box frame with no mount

One of the first decisions to make is how much display area you need, and whether a mount would be appropriate. The mount in a photo frame is like an extra internal border, that adds emphasis to the contents or simply creates visual symmetry.

The option to buy a box photo frame with no mount inside frees up more surface area for your print, photo or creative materials.

Memory Box sells options in which the mount appears at the front or back of the frame, to provide even more choice. Which do you think would look most visually appealing, for your project?

Black Polcore Boxframe without MountBlack Polcore Boxframe without Mount

Preparing for your project

With any craft or hobby project – or home improvement initiative – it’s a good idea to plan it out in detail before you buy any materials or display products.

It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of creating your own personalised art or putting your favourite print or photo in a frame, then find something is slightly out of proportion.

Take a good look at where you want to place your box frame project. As this will be an eye-catching piece, is it in enough space? Will the photo frame you’re considering blend well in the colour scheme in your room, complementing furnishings and anything else on your wall?

At this point, you may decide to go large! If you have plenty of room and really what to make a statement, would a 20 x 20 inch box frame do justice to your creative idea?

"go big or go home"

Alternatively, has your ambition slightly overstretched the space available? In that case, a 10 x 10 inch box photo frame might be more suitable.

Keep in mind that one of the most effective types of wall art is a series of smaller items arrayed together. For this, you can line up petite frames in a symmetrical way. Or, you could “think outside the box”, and create an asymmetrical display of small box photo frames.

Use a tape measure and pencil to calculate the best placement of your frames, then you are good to go!

Think colour and effects

Box photo frames come is a variety of colours – of course – but also effects. Consider both the contents and the area likely to be used to host the frame. You need to decide what would look most in keeping with the overall impression, including whether wood or quality plastic would be best.

For example, for black and white photography or dramatic wall art, Black Polcore Boxframes with a black mount look stunning and very dramatic.

For a more delicate and sweet effect, why not opt for a shimmering Silver Polcore Boxframe, with a complementary pale coloured mount structure.

These are just two of the colour and finish options for box frame projects that you can find on our website.

How to buy box photo frames for gift making

One of the most popular reasons to opt for a box frame is to create special gifts for christenings, marriages, anniversaries and milestone birthdays.

A lovely family photo – or a throwback image – in a frame makes a great gift. However, if you put that in a box photo frame, you can also fix other pretty, fun, funky or nostalgic items around it.

Your gift for a special occasion can be a collage of memorabilia and craft items. This could include baby shoes and ribbons for new births, ticket stubs and smaller souvenirs for anniversaries, and scrabble letters, buttons and pressed flowers for birthdays. Or, you can use maps, trinkets and figurines. These are just a few of the many online ideas you can find to fill box photo frames personalised gifts.

pressed flower for box photo frames

Buying the right box frame for gift making means good preparation. Lay out what you might include in the project, then measure the surface area they take up. This should include depth, width and height requirements.

Usually, the aim is to have a box frame outer edge that extends beyond the contents.

Memory Box sells box photo frames online up to a depth of (client to add), which is great to edge special gifts and commemorative artworks.

For the full range of wood and polcore box frames we sell, browse online. Feel free to message us for help, to find the perfect frame for your project.

We want to make sure you get a flawless finish “boxed off”!