How to arrange pictures on staircases

How to arrange pictures on staircases

Posted by Sophia Peters On 22nd Aug 2019 In INTERIOR DESIGN, HOME IMPROVEMENT, picture frames

A gallery wall is a perfect way to decorate a staircase, but it takes a certain amount of planning to correctly arrange pictures on staircases. You can create a stunning staircase photo wall that is unique to you and your family. We look at the best ways to arrange pictures on staircases, the best frames to use, as well as frames for awkward spaces. You may want a modern coordinated look or a quirky mix and match design. These helpful tips and tricks for how to arrange pictures on staircases are easy to follow and adapt.

Planning your picture frame staircase

For an effective picture frame staircase, it is worth spending time planning the layout of your pictures first. Make sure to accurately measure your wall with a tape measure, and measure the frames too. Some people choose to create a model so they can play around with different layouts. You could create this with Photoshop, or make a miniature mock-up of the space and frames. If this is too much hassle, then arrange your frames on the stairs, taking photos of different layouts and holding the pictures in place. You may need an assistant for this! Another picture frame staircase tip is to trace the outline of all of your picture frames on pieces of paper. Cut these out and use masking tape to arrange them on your staircase without leaving marks. Again, take some photos so you can see what layout you like best.

Different arranging methods

There are a few different options when you arrange pictures on staircases. Imagine a line that runs parallel to the stairs and organises your images on this for a uniform look. You can split your picture frames into groups and hang them at intervals on your walls. This design works well if you have a theme, like family or animals. If you have a lot of picture frames of the same size, you can arrange them in a grid pattern, equally matching the angle of the stairs. Another way to arrange pictures on staircases is to follow the stairs and hang your images at the same height above each step (or every couple of steps). Measure the length of the wall and divide it by how many picture frames you have, including a gap of at least two inches between the frames. For a more quirky look, go for the photo collage method.

Picture frame collage

A picture frame collage, or gallery wall, is one of the most popular interior design looks this year. The eclectic and unique appeal of a picture frame collage makes it perfect for any space. Look for a variety of individual photo frames for a quirky statement wall. With a picture frame collage, it is best to have a lot of images of varying sizes. Play around with different arrangements and see which work together best. You can also choose to incorporate 3D elements into your staircase photo wall. Box frames are a great way to frame special mementoes, like medals, dried bouquets or souvenirs as well as protecting them.

Frames for large walls

You'll find that your staircase has quite a large wall and filling it may take more frames than you think. If you want to use frames which are all the same size, measure the wall and figure out how many you will need. Take into account the gaps between the frames too. You can also use a variety of picture frames in different shapes and sizes. If you are struggling to fill the space, try and find some large art prints you love, or paintings on canvas to complement the images. Choose a few chunky large frames for impact too.

Mix and match picture frame sets

For a beautiful, coordinated picture frame wall, mix and match picture frame sets are perfect for a high-end look. At Memory Box, we have the perfect options for coordinated picture frames, with each picture frame available in a range of sizes. Choose the colour and style of picture frame you want and purchase a range of sizes that fit into your plan. For a minimalist and artistic look, the 30mm flat black brushed picture frame comes in a huge variety of sizes from cute tiny 3"x3" to huge poster-sized A1. With a thin black border, your images will look like works of art. For a vintage, luxurious look, find ornate gold picture frames that come in a variety of sizes too.

Frames for awkward spaces

If your staircase is an unusual shape or you have an awkward space that you can't find a frame for, don't worry. Our unique frame builderframe builder allows you to create the perfect picture frame. Do you have a unique piece of art or unusually proportioned poster that will fit perfectly in that awkward space? Choose the size, colour, material and finish to make a custom frame which suits your needs exactly.

Choosing your images

Your staircase photo wall will be a bold and beautiful statement about you and the things you love. It is so important to have the right images. You may choose to have a theme for your photos, like smiling faces or artworks which have a blue tone to them. If you would prefer to use a variety of images, then consider using similar frames for a cohesive design. You can also use different sized mounts to frame your pictures if you want them to fit in specific photo frames. Look for different perspectives too, and use some black and white photos.

How to hang pictures on staircase walls

When it comes to hanging your picture frames on staircase walls be safe at all times. Follow our  picture frame hanging guidepicture frame hanging guide for expert advice. Use a level to make sure your picture frames are hanging straight. Also, if frames are heavy, you may need multiple hanging spots. Make sure you hang frames securely when you arrange pictures on staircases too. There will be a lot of foot traffic going up and down the stairs!