Happy Birthday Photo Frames and Memory Box Ideas

Happy Birthday Photo Frames and Memory Box Ideas

Posted by Sophia Peters On 24th Oct 2019

Photo frames, birthday photo frame collages and memory boxes are a great gift idea for any birthday but especially significant milestones. They are also brilliant as a memento or keepsake to remember special birthdays. Memory boxes can be a lovely way to display or keep photos and memories. They can look great mounted on the wall or freestanding. All birthdays are important, but some are extra special and require a unique gift.

1st birthday memory box ideas

A first birthday is exceptional and giving a birthday gift of a '1st birthday memory box' is a great idea. There are loads of way to create a special and unique memory box as a memento for a first birthday. One really great idea is to use a box frame to display a photo of the birthday boy or girl. Then within the frame also include a special item. It could be a small toy, a ticket from somewhere fun they went, a birthday card or other small items. You can then create a beautiful 3D style collage that will really bring the picture to life. This kind of personalised birthday picture frame will be treasured forever. It will contain not only a photo but also keepsakes and memories to last a lifetime. It will be a special thing to have in their room as they grow up.

18th birthday memory box ideas

You can have some fun with an 18th birthday memory box. A box decorated with a mix of embarrassing and beautiful photos filled with mementos from their childhood and teenage years is a perfect birthday gift. Another great idea is to once again use a modern box frame to create a special collage. Place several photos in the frame along with fun items to remember special moments of their life so far. Tickets or luggage tags from a favourite holiday. Gig ticket stubs or a plectrum from a favourite band. A keyring from a first car or a cork from a champagne bottle popped to celebrate your birthday, are all brilliant trinkets to add to a picture frame to make the photos even more special. Special items make it more interesting to look at, and it will be a great talking point at a big birthday bash.

50th birthday memory box ideas

A 50th birthday keepsake memory box would be a special gift for the recipient. By the age of fifty, you will have reached many milestones so there are many possibilities and ideas to include. Items from weddings, children, graduations, jobs, there is so much potential to create a really interesting keepsake box. There will be an array of photos you can include in a collage here and create a really special gift. Add that personal touch by using a frame that is to their taste. You could go for a shabby chic, ornate or modern frame, which will make the gift even more special. A gold frame would be appropriate for a 50th wedding anniversary or birthday, for example.