Are gold photo frames outdated? Not at all!

Are gold photo frames outdated? Not at all!

Posted by Sophia Peters On 27th Dec 2018 In gold photo frames, photo frames, picture frames, home improvement

Are gold photo frames outdated? Have a look through glossy interior magazines, high-end hotel brochures, the latest trend reports and even Pinterest, and you'll find that the answer is definitely no. Gold photo frames have had a huge recent resurgence, and they are becoming one of the most sought-after interior accessories.

From the huge and the bold to the modern and the minimalist, gold picture frames are ideal for updating your home and framing your favourite memories. Recently, in the latest trend reports for 2019 gold photo frames are key pieces that are a great way to embrace new design schemes. It is clear that glamorous and opulent is the way forward for 2019. Interior design has swung away from excessive minimalism and embraced bold, eclectic and luxurious spaces. We take a look at why gold photo frames are such an excellent choice for your home and also how you can use them for an incredibly on-trend space.

Falling For Metallics

White and dull has taken a back seat for the moment and interior designers have fallen in love with everything metallic. From rose gold vases to gold photo frames to mirrored tables to sequined cushions, we love everything that sparkles. If you want to start introducing metallics into your home and embrace this fabulous new trend, then home accessories are the best place to start. An all out gold leaf wall might be over the top for most of us, but subtle finishes and metallic accents can be a great way to add some luxurious touches to your home.

metalic and gold picture frames

Introducing Metallics in Your Home

Metallics are great for adding different textures and a little bit of glitz to a space, but how far you go is up to you. From a bold and glamorous vintage photo frame gold like the Baroque Spoon Ornate Gold Frame to the modern and minimalist Hamilton Polcore Spoon Gold Frame you can find a gold photo frame that is perfect for your space. You no longer have to choose whether you're a gold or a silver person: mixed metals are totally on trend and work amazingly well together. The fact of the matter is that gold photo frames are the perfect way to embrace the metallic trend.

Endless Options

Attention to detail is vital in interior design, and if you want to update your home, then it's essential to get the little things right. You can use a gold photo frame in any kind of space, and you should find one that has quirky details you love. For example, a single gold frame on a white wall will conjure up  high-end art galleries and become a real focal point for the room. Or for contrast, you can also mix up what size and style of gold picture frame you are using by putting them together to create a gallery wall. These work well on staircases and hallways and also allow you to stylishly display your favourite images. Gallery walls are still hugely in fashion, and mixing metallics is a great way to embrace the new trend.

Adding Texture to Your Interior

Using texture in interior design has become increasingly important in modern spaces. New textures are a great way to update an area and tie an interior design scheme together too. Textured pieces are chosen for their tactile quality, which allows them to stand out from the rest of the room. For example, gold photo frames can be a great way to add unusual and unique textures to your space. Additionally, the stunning Fluid Textured Flat Gold Retro Photo Frame is perfect for adding a unique texture to your home. With ripples and waves, this unique texture will draw the eye to the photo you have chosen and make it a focal point of the room.

A Versatile Choice

You'd be surprised just how many different styles that gold photo frames can complement, from vintage to futuristic and minimalist to maximalist. There is also a vast range of gilt picture frames available, and the versatility of these make them perfect for updating your home. If you choose high-end and well-made gold photo frames, they will last for years. Also, due to their versatility, they can complement changing decor. You can also change what photos you decide to frame, and update your home that way. Gold picture frames will go with almost every colour palette too. Another great thing about gold photo frames is the variety of sizes they come in. You can choose small, dainty picture frames that hold school photos on the mantlepiece. Or you can go all out and pick a huge ornate golden one to frame a work of art on your feature wall.

Modern and Contemporary Gold Photo Frames

Gold picture frames don't have to be large, ornate and over the top. If you want a modern, chic room inspired by scandi spaces, gold photo frames can be the perfect way to add a little shine and warmth. You can complement the wood already in your home with Linear Flat Gold Photo Frames. These stylish, contemporary gold photo frames have a simple gold interior line and are also perfect for framing treasured photos.

Feminine and Fabulous

Next years trend reports also feature beautiful feminine spaces, with warm tones and metallic accents. From bubblegum bedrooms to luxurious pink marble bathrooms, girly and gorgeous design is making a come back. These beautiful spaces have a classy, sophisticated appeal. For example, tasteful muted tones and plush textures that are reminiscent of a vintage movie set are perfect. Gilt-framed mirrors are key to this trend, enabling you to tie different design elements together and showcase your photos. Whether you are framing getting ready photos from your wedding day or bold vintage magazine covers, a high-end gold photo frame is perfect.

A Golden Choice

It seems like no matter which trend for 2019 you look at, a gold photo frame is there. In short, these versatile, useful and stylish accessories are far from being outdated. From the subtlest stripe of gold to loud and proud opulent photo frames, whatever your taste, you can find a gold photo frame that will complement your home and add a little luxury.