What is shabby chic? Your guide to shabby chic interior design and shabby chic photo frames

What is shabby chic? Your guide to shabby chic interior design and shabby chic photo frames

Posted by Sophia Peters On 24th Jan 2019 In Shabby Chic, Photo Frames, Picture Frames, Home Improvement

From shabby chic photo frames to a rustic French style kitchen, shabby chic is one of the most popular interior design trends. With beautiful pastel tones, vintage accents, natural elements and antique furniture, shabby chic interior design is easy to use and is perfect for a stylish home.

What is Shabby Chic?

The shabby chic definition is an interior design style which uses soft furnishings and furniture which have a pleasingly old and worn look. The idea of shabby chic is that things look rustic and homely, and is a world away from cold, minimalist design. It's a trend that is used in a wide range of different homes. From quirky bohemian apartments to rustic country houses, any space can become a beautiful shabby chic home. Shabby chic is definitely not dirty and tatty and its rustic appeal is carefully thought out.

What are the main elements of Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic interior design utilises antique furniture, rustic touches and lovingly distressed pieces to make your home seem welcoming and relaxed. Mismatched items from a range of time periods and design styles is another element of shabby chic design. Shabby chic is great for bringing together a range of tastes and creating a quirky look. This interior design trend is perfect for creating a home that is full of personality and not governed by strict design rules. Another element that is seen in a lot of shabby chic interiors is a wide variety of accessories and details, like mix and match cushions and shabby chic photo frames. Muted colours and delicate pastels are the main colour choices for shabby chic interiors. Texture is also important in a shabby chic home. Worn and distressed surfaces are great for adding depth to a room.

How can I use Shabby Chic?

To create a beautiful shabby chic interior, it is essential to get the basics right. More often than not a plain, pale background is chosen for a shabby chic room. White, beige and or muted pastel walls and a clean wooden floor provide the perfect backdrop for a shabby chic room. Because you are using a wide variety of design elements, simple walls and floors are ideal for highlighting your key pieces.

Next, you need to find some key pieces of furniture. Choose ones that are lovingly worn and distressed to set the stage for your shabby chic home. You can either buy second-hand or, if you prefer new, there are plenty of shabby chic furniture options online. Vintage pieces like a wooden Welsh dresser, worn leather sofas, shabby chic photo frames and retro dining tables are all great choices. Play around with the layout and don't be afraid to use things for a different purpose than what they were intended for. Whether it's kettles as flower pots, bottles as candleholders, or even bathtubs as planters - this a fun part of shabby chic design.

After you have chosen your main pieces, it's essential to start accessorising. Shabby chic is all about vintage, heritage and rustic. Try and stick to a muted colour palette, with gorgeous pastel shades, and natural materials taking centre stage. Floral prints are great, especially for curtains and cushions. Handmade pieces are also key, so look at local art and craft markets or online for handmade pieces you love. Embroidery is another great shabby chic feature, as is pottery and plants. Mix and match your home accessories and fill up spaces to make quirky focal points. Use the walls for extra decorating space and hang things you love in shabby chic photo frames.

Practical Design

One reason that shabby chic continues to be popular is that it is an incredibly liveable trend. Unlike minimalism or hyper luxe, to keep your room looking shabby chic, you don't need to constantly tidy and update your decor. To make your space more shabby chic you need to live in it! Shelves with tasteful amounts of clutter, mugs displayed on cute hooks and comfy leather sofas with scattered cushions are all welcome in a shabby chic home. Instead of trying to hide the things you use every day, shabby chic encourages you to display them!

Shabby Chic Photo Frames

Shabby chic photo frames are a great way to introduce this trend into your home and tie a room together. For some, an all-out shabby chic house might be too much. It might be better for you to select a few shabby chic elements in your home. Shabby chic photo frames are perfect for this and their versatile appeal will suit any design scheme too. Use a range of different sizes and colours to embrace the mix and match shabby chic look. If you want to introduce some colour to your walls then a blue shabby chic distressed photo frame is perfect for framing beautiful back and white images. You can also create a shabby chic photo frame gallery wall to showcase your favourite photos.

DIY Shabby Chic

Another great thing about shabby chic design is the ability to get your hands dirty and do some shabby chic DIY. Chalk paint is obviously an essential part of your toolkit. There are a number of online shabby chic DIY chalk paint tutorials online. Chalk paint chairs and bookshelves are a great way to add some texture and colour to your space. Go to antique shops and charity shops and try and find unloved pieces with details that chalk paint can highlight. You can also make your own art, and frame vintage inspired drawings and paintings in shabby chic photo frames.

One great shabby chic DIY project is decoupage. This retro hobby has become incredibly stylish. It involves carefully cutting out images and sticking them to pieces of furniture or other wooden objects for a fabulous collage effect. You can also add a few little touches, like botanical leaf drawings on your dresser draws. Or you can go all out and completely cover a coffee table with vintage magazine illustrations. Natural textures are another lovely shabby chic element. Try your hand at macrame or flower pressing and start filling your home with beautiful shabby chic accents that you have made yourself.